Story number 3 for 27 Aug 2002

By August 27, 2002

(Armenia)–Children in Armenia will soon be able to understand Scripture. Rob Hoskins with the Book of Hope just returned from a trip to Armenia to see if the church needs help with its young people. “What we found when we got there, though, was that there was no Scripture that children and youth could read in Armenia. And so, we’re embarking on doing a paraphrase of the Armenian Scriptures, so that for the first time, the Armenian children and young people will be able to read God’s word for themselves. And, that will be done by this Spring, and then next fall, our vision is to cover every single child through the school system.” Hoskins says the only thing holding them back is funding. “We’re able to deliver God’s word into the hands of a child or young person anywhere in the world for 33-cents. That means that for every dollar that someone gives, we’re able to reach three kids. We can reach as many as can be provided because there are more open doors and opportunities for us than we have books for right now.” Pray that many will be encouraged to get involved as this outreach could eventually affect the Muslim world.

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