Story number 3 for 27 Dec 2001

By December 27, 2001

(USA) — We continue our series on revival in the United States and what’s preventing widespread turning to God. Life Action Revival Ministries says there are a number of things responsible. Revivalist Tim St. Clair says the large number of unsaved church members running the church could be one reason. “It is easier to become a member of a church than it is some of the local clubs within a community today. You have to go through less. I think another reason for that is because of the absence of preaching repentance today.” Revivalist Steve Canfield says the influx of the occult, disobedience in church leadership and moral impurity are some other reasons. He says immorality especial under cuts truth. “The truth of God becomes water off a ducks back because there’s no penetration because of infiltration of impurity. Every crusade we’re in, the issue of moral impurity is a major, major issue that has to be confronted from leadership on down.” Pray that many will be convicted of sin as they preach in churches across the country.

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