Story number 3 for 27 Jan 2000

By January 27, 2000

World Servants is sending a training team to several small villages in remote
parts of Central Mexico next month. Chris Clum says they’re very excited about the
trip because it is the culmination to a ministry that was years in the making. “There’s
been some resistance we’ve had from the government to go up into the mountains…and
we’ve also had some resistance just from the shaman and some of the traditional
Indians that have been opposed to the Christians coming up into the villages. It’s been a
long time coming, but they’ve actually asked to come and to provide training for them.
We’re excited that these doors are starting to open up.” Clum says in spite of an
openness to the Gospel, they’re asking that Christians pray for the work of the teams
and the local believers. “Often times in some of these villages of a 100, 125, there
might be only one or two Christians-so these guys are isolated, they have to deal with
language barrier…there’s a lot of issues that they have to deal with. Pray for unity for
them-pray that God is going to give these guys passion and vision to love and to serve
and to reach their villages for Christ.”

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