Story number 3 for 27 Jun 2001

By June 27, 2001

(Bulgaria)–Accusations against some of Bulgaria’s government officials produced startling results. Bethany Christian Services’ Tom Jackson. “Some high officials in the Bulgarian government were involved in selling babies, selling orphans, and now the police are investigating it.” The charges led to an election earlier this month. However, that caused a shift in power that has some Christian workers uneasy. Bethany’s Tom Jackson explains what happened. “It’s a fairly radical change. The people in Bulgaria really don’t know what to expect of this new leadership.” Bethany’s workers show the love of Christ to families and children by helping through social services. Jackson says their workers need prayer. “Pray that we could develop a system like we have in Romania. We don’t have this fully developed in Bulgaria where we are providing social services, trying to de-institutionalize children. We don’t have the financial ability right at the moment to do that.”

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