Story number 3 for 27 Jun 2003

By June 27, 2003

(Brazil)–Brazil’s jobless rate rose to a new high as interest rates choked economic growth. Subsidies and micro-credit are part of an economic package introduced in the hopes it will jump-start the sluggish Brazilian economy. Global Advance Ministries’ David Shibley explains the situation falls hard on church leaders. “Even though there is strength in the Brazilian economy, that doesn’t always reach, particularly to evangelical pastors, who are primarily supported by their own congregations.” That sometimes means church leaders are unable to get more training for leadership roles. Shibley says their Frontline Shepherd’s Conference next week in Brazil meets that need. “When there is no opportunity, and no resources, financial resources available for training, and or materials, they just lap up any opportunity for encouragement, for training in ministry, for training in church growth and church planting, and also to receive the materials that we’re going to be providing for them at this conference.”

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