Story number 3 for 28 Dec 2000

By December 28, 2000

Veterinary medicine is being used to lead people to Christ in Mongolia. World Concern’s Christian Veterinary Mission treats animals, but it’s also meeting Mongolian’s spiritual needs. Kit Flowers, who coordinates the program, says two missionary couples started it in the early ’90’s. “They began to serve through some veterinary training programs and English as a second language instruction. And, it was through these instruction programs, that they began to develop relationships with some of the Mongolian students among them Doctors Enki and Obi and others came to Christ through the relationships that formed.” Doctor Obi says now they’re using the program to reach their own people. “They see the light of Christ on us and they ask, why do you help me. And then we tell them about (the) Gospel and we make a good relationship with them and tell them about (the) Gospel.” Because of the great need for veterinary medicine it’s a great evangelistic tool.

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