Story number 3 for 28 Feb 2002

By February 28, 2002

(USA)– Insight For Living is doing more to make sure Hispanic Christians in the United States are receiving the teaching they need. IFL International wants to be on more Spanish speaking radio stations in the United States, and offer study guides and counseling. ILF International’s Rolla Goodyear says this will ultimately help evangelism. “As they do become more grounded they will become more mission minded. And, because most of them emigrated from one of the other Latin countries, most of them have family back in those countries and so they’re going to want to reach out, back to their home countries where ever that might be.” According to Goodyear, they’ve already hired a director for the program and funding is needed. “As we look to add more stations there will be funds needed for the airtime. We’ll need to be paying translators and people who are theologically trained and then the printing costs.”

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