Story number 3 for 28 Jun 2001

By June 28, 2001

(Haiti)–Haiti, an impoverished Caribbean nation of about eight million people, has a long history of repressive rule and political violence under a succession of dictators. It also has a dark, spiritual side that only recently has begun to recede. Alberto Motessi Evangelistic Association’s Frances Monge (spongee) says they’ve targeted this area for that reason. Monge explains how they’re trying to help. “We will be holding five different crusades in five different provinces in Haiti. It’s exciting; we plan on taking not just our staff, but we’re also taking people from all over Latin America who will also be there in intercessory prayer.” Monge says the spiritual battle for the island nation has been ongoing for decades. “It has been dedicated to Satan. One of the main focuses that we want to do is that we want to end the crusades by dedicating that nation back to Jesus Christ.” The crusades are slated to begin next week. Please pray that people will be ready to respond.

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