Story number 3 for 28 Mar 2002

By March 28, 2002

(Russia) — Evangelists in Russia are getting important training this week from a seasoned veteran. Evangelist Sammy Tippit is in Moscow this week to provide unique training in evangelistic outreach. “We have 20 Russian evangelists coming from all over the former Soviet Union. I’ll be bringing lectures on really what an evangelist is, how to do the work of evangelism, my philosophy of ministry, training them in everything that I actually do and actually help them to do that. Really, it’s a multiplying ministry.” Some have said that large evangelistic campaigns won’t work in Russia any more, but Tippit doesn’t agree. “The Russian government is really coming down on foreigners coming into the country and doing the work, and so, because of that, you could say well mass evangelism isn’t going to work any more. However, if it’s the Russians doing it, it will.” Pray that this will result in thousands of Russians coming to Christ.

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