Story number 3 for 3 May 2000

By May 3, 2000

American Leprosy Mission’s work is continuing in Ethiopia despite a severe famine there. ALM’s Chris Doyle says most of the world’s leprosy cases are in that country, where eight-million people are currently affected by malnutrition. Doyle says they’re not just treating leprosy patients. “Doing a lot of rehabilitation work particularly in the area of literacy and education for children of leprosy affected people. As we go into areas and we’re offering community based rehabilitation health care programs, one of the questions we always encounter is, why are you doing this?” Doyle says that’s how friendships are developed and when they can share a true salvation message. “That just opens the door to say, well, we’re doing it in Christ’s name because he’s called us to do this kind of mission work. And, conversations develop and obviously there’s an open door to sharing the Gospel there.”

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