Story number 3 for 3 Oct 2001

By October 3, 2001

(Cuba)–Preventative health care is providing opportunities to lead people to Christ in Communist Cuba. Medical Ambassador International’s John McWilliam says their Community Health Evangelism program, or CHE (chay) just got started. “We train the nationals to identify the needs in the community. Particularly the physical needs such as clean water, which is a big issue in Cuba. So, they identify the physical needs in the community and they go to work trying to improve those things. At the same time they share the Gospel of Christ and raise up Christians.” McWilliam says while Cuba isn’t allowing new churches to be built, it’s not affecting church growth. “The churches with which we are working in Cuba have grown tremendously in the last four to five years due to the teaching of the cell church. They’re using their home cell groups as a means to leading people to Christ and growing.”

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