Story number 3 for 30 Jul 2002

By July 30, 2002

(Russia)–An international mission organization says there’s an incredible need for the Gospel in rural parts of Russia. That’s the word from The Bridge International’s RK Ulrich. “Statistically, there are 180 people groups within the boarders of Russia. And, many of those are completely unreached for the Gospel. We have always wanted to see the national themselves rise up. And, there is a tremendous surge to ask for help in training their people as church planters and evangelists.” Ulrich believes Russians will eventually be able to reach the Muslim world, but in the mean time they need a little help. “It’s difficult for them to fund the pioneer work, so we are trying to shoulder the local Russian churches, but helping them in the training process and then aiding them a bit as they send out their missionaries.” 50-dollars a month can help train a national missionary.

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