Story number 3 for 30 May 2003

By May 30, 2003

(Venezuela)–A recall referendum against the Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, could be held in August, according to a deal to be signed by the government and opposition Thursday. The turmoil surrounding Chavez’ administration has hurt the country, but at the same time helped churches over the last year. Latin America Mission’s Ken MacHarg explains how crisis has turned to ministry. “A pastoral couple who teach at the Evangelical Seminary of Caracas had been praying for their neighborhood for years, but had been unable to get to know the residents. LAM missionary Laura Smith says that when the different neighborhoods began to plan for civil defense in case of violence, they attended a neighborhood meeting. When the leaders discovered that they were pastors, they were put in charge of visiting people and helping with crisis counseling. The leaders even provided the couple with a list of people who needed special help. Now they have open doors to share the Gospel as they minister to their neighbors. For Mission Network News, I’m Ken MacHarg.”

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