Story number 3 for 30 Nov 2001

By November 30, 2001

(USA)–High School Students in the United States are being targeted with a question about they’re spiritual survival. PrayerZone America is partnering with 1st Priority and three other groups for a special school outreach in West Michigan. PrayerZone America’s John Hulett. “We brought in Mike Skupin of the Survivor Two Series, Outback. He is just an outstanding Christian. And, we positioned this with a week of assemblies in local schools. So, the survivor can talk about surviving in school and then locally at churches he can talk about surviving spiritually.” Skupin shares Survivor stories in schools, then invites interested students to church meetings. Skupin says many have turned to Christ. “The survivor show has provided me with a forum to get the kids to listen. With the new awakening, because of all the world events that are happening, it’s caused people to be a lot more receptive to the message of the Gospel.” Pray for a special youth rally tomorrow, where some two-thousand young people will hear the Gospel.

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