Story number 3 for 31 Oct 2001

By October 31, 2001

(India)–The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church is nearing. Not coincidentally, November 4th is also the appointed day when thousands of India’s lowest caste members, the Dalits, will renounce their Hindu faith. Christians are making final preparations to turn hearts to Christ as the countdown continues. Evangelism Explosion’s Tom Stebbins. “The churches that Evangelism Explosion is working with, they have the materials; they have necessary materials and the personnel to get out there and work with them. They have a host of churches throughout India, in about ten different language groups working with that.” Stebbins says God has been preparing hearts for many years. “All the difficulties that the church has been through there has enhanced the advance of the Gospel, rather than hindered it. We’re finding this in many countries around the world, that where there is opposition to the Gospel, people’s hearts are very much more responsive.”

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