Story number 3 for 4 Apr 2002

By April 4, 2002

(India)–Against the backdrop of sectarian violence that continues to claim lives in India, the message of peace seems to have found its place. G.V. Mathai says over the last few weeks, two main religious groups have been fighting each other. The outcome of that: “As a whole, they are not as aggressive as they were before. The main problem is between the Hindus and the Muslims; that relieved the Christians from the major attacks, so we thank the Lord for the open door in India to preach the Gospel.” Mathai says they need support to continue their outreach in the days following a series of evangelistic meetings, especially in the state bordering Myanmar. “The Lord is doing a great work and new churches are being planted. We are sending out many evangelists into this new area to do the follow-up work.”

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