Story number 3 for 4 Feb 2002

By February 4, 2002

(USA)–While Urbana is nearly two years away, InterVarsity is making changes at the top. Doctor James Tebbe has been named the new director of Urbana, the largest youth missions conference in the world. Mission Network News caught up with Tebbe in Cyprus. “Oh, I’m very excited about it. I think that it’s influence on young people is enormous and the opportunity to influence young people and give them the vision for the world and service in the world is enormous and that’s very exciting to us.” Tebbe explains the challenge InterVarsity has as they prepare for Urbana 2003. “What can we do to help expose young people to the rest of the world and not just what’s happening in their immediate communities and with their sports teams and life around them. I think that’s a big challenge. And so, Urbana can set the stage for that, but can only be one building block, a probably only a small building block in helping people become Christians with a worldview.” The convention will be held in December, 2003.

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