Story number 3 for 4 Jun 2002

By June 4, 2002

(Madagascar)–The fear of war is also hitting the Island nation of Madagascar as presidential election violence is escalating. The fighting is the latest in a series of crises that has split the country between rival presidents in the wake of a disputed election in December. Christian Blind Mission International works there. CBMI’s President Allen Harkey. “In addition to this political conflict, there have been unseasonable cyclones leaving thousand without electricity, communication and fresh water. Christian Blind Mission International has some eight project around this island all of which are at risk.” Harkey says they’re staying put, especially since many are asking spiritual questions. “When we have large scale fighting and cyclones that ravage a country like Madagascar, it causes people to question everything. And, because Christian Blind Mission is concerned not only with physical blindness, but spiritual blindness, this becomes a real challenge for us.” Pray that workers can share the Gospel as they help.

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