Story number 3 for 4 Oct 2001

By October 4, 2001

(Egypt)–Despite its Muslim influence, hundreds of people are hearing the Gospel and turning to Christ in Egypt. According to International Needs Network’sDavid Culross they have successfully been showing the Jesus Film all across the country. “Since the beginning of June they have started an intensive new program to reach new villages with the Gospel. In a time where we’re becoming more conscious of the Muslim world, the people that are accepting the Lord in Egypt are almost totally from Muslim backgrounds. Around 3,000 Muslims have now accepted Jesus Christ.” Culross is asking Christians to pray for International Needs Network’s Bible Correspondence classes. “Today, we have over 4,000 people in Bible correspondence study and this will be the only Bible school that they’ll ever be able to attend, because if they were ever to attend one publicly they would be ostracized, perhaps physically attacked. It would cause all sorts of problems for them.”

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