Story number 3 for 5 Nov 2001

By November 5, 2001

(USA) — Outreach is accompanying clean up in New York City in the wake of the terror attacks on September 11th. Mission Network News’ Joel Hill is there and tells us what one ministry is doing to help. “As the ruins of the World Trade Center still smolder, relief teams from around the world work to assist the recovery crews. About 20 volunteers with International Aid of Spring Lake, Michigan are on the ground now working with a local church to set up living quarters for needed specialists. Gary Hudd is with IA “In the future we will have forensics people coming, and they’re going to be staying for a long time.” Hudd says the volunteers will spend the next two weeks rehabbing a couple of floors of the church. While they will be utilizing their skills as carpenters, electricians and plumbers, they’ll have opportunities to share Christ. “All of the people that are here are Christians and whoever they come in contact with or see them, the light will show.” Hudd says the time is right as New Yorkers are turning to God for answers. I’m Joel Hill, Mission Network News, New York City.”

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