Story number 3 for 5 Nov 2002

By November 5, 2002

(Russia)–November is National Adoption Month. In light of that focus, Bethany Christian Services is highlighting their work in Russia. Bethany’s Tom Jackson says there, believers are having an impact on young lives. He adds that they’re sharing the hope of Christ as they work through the socials services and orphanages in Russia. “Bethany is very much into child welfare and development and trying to keep children with their families. We do a lot to de-institutionalize children and to find systems that will be implementable in their countries.” Jackson says theirs is a ministry that is based on different levels of support. “We can feel the power of prayer over there, God has been very gracious in letting us be a tool of His to implement a lot of changes. We also need professional support. We have a couple clinics where we could some support from doctors, nurses, professionals.”

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