Story number 3 for 6 Feb 2003

By February 6, 2003

(USA)–Prison inmates were on the receiving end of love and compassion from Christians in the United States. Crossroad Bible Institute’s Karen Loyd says their “Christmas Send A Card” program was a huge success. “We received 11,801 cards that we were able to send out to prisoners. And, we wanted to extend our thanks to Bible study groups, Sunday School classes, families, neighborhoods, and entire churches that participated. The inmates were very grateful.” Crossroad supplies Bible correspondence courses to thousands of prisoners each year. Loyd says prisoners need encouragement and that’s why they’re expanding the card program. “This spring we’re planning on partnering with Prison Fellowship and we are going to do an Easter card program. They can sign their cards with their first name only and then they would want to put the cards in envelopes, but don’t seal the envelopes, but do not seal the envelopes and then send them to Crossroad Bible Institute.” Call our resource line for additional contact information.

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