Story number 3 for 6 Jun 2003

By June 6, 2003

(Mozambique)–Mobility is usually a sign of poverty, with people moving out of their home areas looking for a new start. However, one mission agency, dedicated to church planting, is turning the tables in Mozambique. For them, mobility enriches the growth of the church. OC International’s Barbosa de Oliviera (olly-veta) Jr. explains their philosophy. “Many pastors in Mozambique have never been in a Bible institute. Many of them are semi-literate, so that’s a big challenge. The second challenge is we go where the pastors are. We go to them with the teaching, training, empowering and mobilization.” Prayer and support play a vital role in their Mozambique work. Oliviera outlines the largest challenge facing church leaders today in Mozambique. “People are still struggling. Pastors are still struggling to survive. Many have to do other things besides pastorate, which consumes their time, and they are not able to give all that they can be, all that they have, to the churches.”

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