Story number 3 for 6 Nov 2001

By November 6, 2001

(USA)–The operation at Ground Zero in New York has turned from one of rescue to rebuilding. Mission Network News’ Joel Hill has more. “Working ten, twelve, sometimes fourteen hour days, digging through the World Trade Center rubble, work crews are physically exhausted and emotionally drained. Because volunteers with International Aid are working to refurbish portions of the Lamb’s Church in Manhattan as shelter for crews, local believers can share the Gospel. “We have Bible studies, and we have church here, and we always invite everyone who comes through the doors to those things. Everyone in the city right now is more open than ever to the Gospel and to caring about the Lord. Everybody has been brought to Ground Zero in their hearts.” Susan Hannah with Lambs Church says they’re also providing grief counseling to crew members now suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. For Mission Network News, I’m Joel Hill, New York City.”

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