Story number 3 for 7 Dec 1999

By December 7, 1999

Evangelical mission groups believe the time is short for sharing the Gospel freely in the Ukraine. Terry Sparks of Walk Thru the Bible says while a moderate was just elected president for another five years, the poor economy may end religious freedom. “We don’t think the doors will remain open in Ukraine indefinitely and it may be that these will be the last five years of freedom. People look back to the “good ole days” even though it was communist and say, I would rather have that than what we’re experiencing right now.” Sparks was in Ukraine to help with their Project Teach program. He says the program is needed to establish churches. “We learned that there were 1,500 villages that didn’t have a church or a pastor. We challenged the people to go to a village and take on the challenge of planting a church. And there were about, probably 400 to 600 people who responded to that challenge.”

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