Story number 3 for 7 Mar 2000

By March 7, 2000

An American evangelist is praying his visit to Scotland will start a revival in that country. Sammy Tippit just completed three days of evangelistic meetings just outside of Glasgow over the weekend. Tippit describes the event. “We just had just some real good response. Every night the meetings grew in size and numbers and the response to the Gospel was the same way. Of course Scotland is different in that the response is much slower than you would see in Africa or other parts of the world.” According to Tippit people need to pray that the church will wake up and make a commitment to evangelism. “The church is like a sleeping giant. It just needs to awaken to the great opportunity that God has placed before it. There’s tremendous potential – tremendous possibilities. There is great history there. But, there’s got to be an awakening for the church.” Tippit is traveling to Ethiopia for evangelistic meetings that will take place along the Ethiopia-Sudanese border this week.

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