Story number 3 for 8 Jan 2001

By January 8, 2001

Despite a sagging economy and government instability, Worldwide Christian Schools is having a hand in a nationwide education program in Haiti. Worldwide’s Dale Dieleman says the need for education is great in that country. “What we’re trying to do, I think maybe, is address some of these systemic problems with the economy by improving education. What we’re trying to do here is establish a Christian based curriculum that could be used universally. Due to the economic conditions the government itself is only able to education about 10-percent of the student-aged population in the country.” Worldwide Christian Schools is raising 85-thousand dollars for the nationwide program, which will lead many to the Savior. “These schools are an open door then to further inquiry, by the students and the parents, what is this God that’s being talked about in the curriculum. How is this better than voodoo and so on.”

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