Story number 3 for 8 Mar 2002

By March 8, 2002

(USA)–Christians are being asked to pray for a Christian club that’s being attacked in the United States. Students who participate in 1st Priority at a Michigan middle school are the targets. PrayerZone America’s John Hulett. “The Freedom From Religion Foundation is representing a local unnamed person and has written the school district two letters targeting the middle school’s 1st Priority Club. It is claiming that it’s controlled by adults. This club is student-led and has as many as 50 in their weekly meetings. Many students have been led to Christ in this club.” Hulett says this is just another example of why Christians need to start Prayer Zones in every school district. “As the campus clubs move more in the devil’s territory the more upset he gets. And, that’s (why we need) more people praying against the forces of evil that will allow the Gospel to take place on campus.” Go to PrayerZone-dot-org to find out how to start a program in your area.

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