Story number 3 for 8 May 2002

By May 8, 2002

(Tibet)–Economic and ethnic turmoil in Tibet is creating an openness to the Gospel in that region steeped in Buddhism. As Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung reports from Tibet, the Tibetan people have many challenges facing them. “We do see that the traditions of Tibetan Buddhism show signs of serious erosion. Ethnic Chinese, for example, now out number Tibetans four to one. Tibetans encounter increasing difficulty finding jobs. Chinese officials have been meddling in Tibetan Buddhist religious affairs.” DeYoung says that’s creating uncertainty among many Tibetan Buddhists. But, can evangelistic programs exist there? “Although overt evangelism runs into a great deal of difficulty with the tight controls, we have found that careful, thoughtful kinds of ministry can be effective and actually can even be permitted.” Words of Hope broadcasts the Gospel into Tibet each day through FEBA Radio.

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