Story number 3 for 8 Nov 2002

By November 8, 2002

(Russia)–Far East Broadcasting Company has been broadcasting the Gospel in Russia since the late 1940s. Working with Russian believers, FEBC’s staff supports the outreach of the church. The success of that partnership was highlighted at the most recent listener rally in Moscow, attended by 12-hundred listeners. FEBC’s Viktor Akhterov says it was a success in many ways. “The point of the rally was actually not to evangelize them, but to get them connected to the local church. That’s why we had so many pastors there.” Ahkterov says they hope many of the current listeners will also serve as local ambassadors for their broadcast work. More importantly, FEBC is looking to expand. “Our Moscow station was a real success. We have 14 different centers in Russia, but our Moscow project is really successful in terms of bringing people to church. What we are trying to do now is to have the same in St. Petersburg.”

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