Story number 3 for 9 Apr 2003

By April 9, 2003

(Indonesia) — Muslim children in Indonesia are coming to Christ because of the outreach of Teen Missions International. According to Teen Missions’ Darla Trout their training center graduates and interns are running 200 Good News Clubs, attracting thousands of children. “Just in January and February alone it’s been around 8,000 children and about 3,500 of them have received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. You know, the children come, but a lot of times their parents come along with them because they’re very curious and they’re hearing what their children are hearing. And so, the parents are being affected, too.” Prayer is needed for safety in this Muslim country and also for finances so that they can continue training students in evangelism. “It takes a lot of money to operate these schools because we don’t charge these students anything. We feed them. Then we house them. I mean, they’re responsible for their own personal needs. Then we have 26 full time staff. It takes funds to pay them and to keep things operational.”

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