Story number 3 for 9 Mar 2001

By March 9, 2001

(International)–The Southern Baptist International Mission Board is seeing incredible church growth around the world. Last year more than 65-hundred churches were established, which is an increase of more than 37-percent over 1991. IMB’s President Jerry Rankin says this growth is reaching all areas of the world. “We found channels of opportunity to penetrate the Muslim world. And, there’s a renewed focus on unreached people groups and getting the Gospel to places where people have never heard of Christ. And, we’re just seeing the power of God in the message of the Gospel, drawing people to Christ in a phenomenal way.” Rankin attributes the growth to their focus on vision and strategy. “To reach lost people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and result in local indigenous churches that can reproduce and multiply. We’ve tried to refine and strengthen that focus and I think that’s a factor that’s helping to see these results as well.”

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