Story number 3 for 9 May 2002

By May 9, 2002

(Papua New Guinea)–A missionary radio ministry is thanking God for allowing them to broadcast the Gospel in Papua New Guinea. HCJB World Radio’s David Johnson says they’re working with the national church and the Evangelical Bible Mission to make it happen. “We’re working with both of those groups and Life Radio Ministries out of Atlanta and have actually put in now the very first of many stations. It’s run by the national church and have license to put in over 30 stations…to put in a satellite network to service those stations and even put in a short wave transmitter.” Because the mountainous terrain makes evangelism difficult, Johnson says this will help spread the Gospel more quickly. “You and I know how effective radio can be and I think they’re just waking up to the fact that it can really help them. If you put a good antenna in the right location on the top of a mountain you can cover several valleys with that particular station.”

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