Story number 4 for 1 Mar 2002

By March 1, 2002

(Papua New Guinea)–Meanwhile, in partnership with New Tribes Mission, Awana Clubs International is reaching out to the children of Papua New Guinea. The President of Awana Clubs International Jack Eggar says clubs are very close to being established. “Right now, we’re working with just a handful of churches because we are just now completing what we call our testing phase. There are so many other churches, I mean literally hundreds of churches, that are interested in having the Awana program. But, we’ve decided the first thing to do is to find out how we can shape Awana to fit their culture.” Eggar says there is a great need for churches to get involved in the 15-dollar a month ‘Adopt-A-Club’ program. “And, that money goes over there so that they can begin to share the Gospel with children and bring them to a saving knowledge of Christ. Most of the churches over there, they don’t even bargain with money and so they have no way to pay for some of the basic materials.”

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