Story number 4 for 1 May 2002

By May 1, 2002

(USA)–Next, a National Workers’s Summit for those ministering to Ethnic America just wrapped up this week. JAARS, a co-sponsor of the meetings, has related closely to a dynamic pastor whose vision mirrors that of the seminar. SIM’s Phillip Nelson. “The purpose of the summit was to gather together mission activists from across the nation, presently involved in outreach to ethnic peoples in this country, who are interested in devising ways, discussing ways to reach out with the love of Christ.” Nelson says that the fire for the Great Commission is being lit. “We need to pray that we would have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the church; and we need to pray that God would give us eyes to discern where His Hand is. And then, we need to pray that God would motivate every part of the body of Christ to respond to His Great Commission mandate.” JAARS provides technical and other services in partnership with Wycliffe Bible Translators and others so that all people will have God’s Word in their own language.

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