Story number 4 for 10 Apr 2002

By April 10, 2002

(South Africa)–Next, an evangelistic initiative in South Africa will help an organization celebrate 40 years in ministry. The outreach is being called, ‘Jabulani’, (JAH-boo-LAHN-ee) and it’s being organized by African Enterprise. John Beckett with African Enterprise says they’re recruiting young people. “We’re bringing together young people aged from about 18 to 30ish from all over the world. We’re going to join together in South Africa for four weeks and just share in a bit of training and a bit of input from the Bible and then also in just some ministry as part of one of our major missions and part of the celebrations for our 40th anniversary of the ministry.” The mission takes place in August. Beckett says this isn’t just about celebrating a milestone. “This is a great sort of means for getting them in and just opening their eyes to the work of God and His worldwide work of mission and united the body of Christ to reach out. Church and young people are very excited about opportunities to serve overseas.”

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