Story number 4 for 11 Apr 2002

By April 11, 2002

(USA)–And, as mission leaders look at the world’s demographics, there’s a glaring reality that exists in the world today. Much of the world’s population can’t read or write, which makes evangelism difficult. Film the Bible’s Tim Donoho. “We,in America, falsely assume that everyone else in the world is pretty much like us, but they’re not. They’re poor, they’re uneducated, and, as a whole, they’re illiterate. Therefore, if you were to give every person in the world a Bible, it would do little good. If we want to fulfill the Great Commission, we must film the Bible in all the languages of the world and then distribute them free to all the poor nations.” Donoho says this will also help reach a new generation. “The reality is today that we’ve transferred from a reading generation to a video generation. And so, if we want to reach the young and the illiterate, then we need to have a medium that will reach these people.” Financial support is needed for this project that could change evangelism and discipleship worldwide.

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