Story number 4 for 11 Nov 2002

By November 11, 2002

(Estonia)–Elsewhere, the hope of the Gospel is penetrating the haze of materialism in a former Soviet state. Jose Zayas, working in partnership with the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association, says they just wrapped up evangelistic meetings last month in Estonia. “After Communism fell, people turned to God. But, in the last seven-ten years, they really turned to things. But now, they found an emptiness, so we were able to have meetings for all sorts of groups, ladies groups, business professional leaders, students who are in the schools, sharing the hope of Christ that goes beyond things.” Zayas explains that their work is helping the body of Christ in Estonia. “We’ve been working with local churches. They’re already working on the follow-up as of now. There (are) lots of student groups in schools being formed to follow-up on the students who responded. So, pray for the work of the local church, they have so many people who’ve responded, and pray that God uses them to connect them with a local body.”

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