Story number 4 for 12 Aug 2003

By August 12, 2003

(Brazil)–Next, the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo is the fifth largest in the world with nearly 20 million people. Reaching it with the Gospel is akin to reaching a small country, so says evangelist Sammy Tippit. Along with a team of evangelists, he’s looking ahead to a major Christian outreach in July 2004. “They’ve asked us to bring back 400 workers to go into the churches throughout the city and hold evangelistic meetings-go into homes and schools and various institutions and make an impact on the city, then conclude on a Saturday and Sunday next year, with me preaching in a major stadium.” Tippit says because of the enormity of this project, their teams need prayer. “There’s a lot of spiritism in Brazil. On the positive end, there is a great hunger. The church is really growing; God is really moving. It’s one of the great harvest fields of the world, so, we’re excited about the possibility, the potential. We know it’s going to be a huge undertaking for us.”

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