Story number 4 for 12 Jan 2000

By January 12, 2000

Next, Ethiopians are taking a hands on approach to seeing their countrymen
come to Christ. Through the Kale Heywet (KAH-lah HAY-wah) church more than
four-thousand Bible colleges and five seminaries have been established. SIM
Missionary Tim Brannagan doing some of the training. “Between 1974 through the
early 90’s it was under a communist regime in which the church pretty much had to go
underground, and so there’s a real dearth of leadership, but now we’re training up a
new generation of leadership for the church there in Ethiopia.” Brannagan says these
Christians are committed to seeing that every Ethiopian hears the Gospel. He says it’s
not just classroom instruction. “We’re just as concerned with training toward the heart
or Godly character. And so, much of our teaching takes place out of the classroom
and having training take place on weekends and unreached people groups and on
different assignments that we give them to travel throughout the country.

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