Story number 4 for 13 Apr 2001

By April 13, 2001

(USA)–Next, an evangelical ministry is helping the needy in the United States today. Steve O’Grady is the Hunger Strike Force Director for Operation Blessing. In cooperation with the City of Dallas and People That Care International, O’Grandy says 114 tons of food will be distributed to the poor today. “We hope to be able to feed over 15,000 disadvantaged residents in that area and just bring the love of Jesus to them. Our anticipation is as well that we can bring together all the church and ministry networks to be able to be the catalyst which these people can go to in this time of need.” According to O’Grady, churches will have a database to help them reach the lost who participated in the event. “We have this data base list available to us at the end of the event. And then, based on proximity where the people are located versus where the churches are, this data base list goes out to the local churches and this is what allows the one-on-one follow up.”

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