Story number 4 for 13 Nov 2000

By November 13, 2000

Next, while the United Nations is focusing on AIDS in Latin America, some evangelical groups are working to address the issue. Ken MacHarg reports. “LAM missionaries Alan and Ezia Mullins in Brazil say that while the disease is prevalent there because prostitution is a way of life for most men, the evangelical community is probably the least affected because of abstinence. Meanwhile, in Ecuador, LAM missionary Carlos Pinto says that modern teaching about sexuality is in opposition to biblical precepts and increases the confusion that youth and married couples are experiencing. Carlos says that this perpetuates the increase in cases of AIDS, unwanted pregnancies, and confusion about sexual identity. He says that Christians must both know the Word of God in depth and understand society’s trends and then have the ability to creatively confront society’s false teachings with biblical truth. For Mission Network News, I’m Ken MacHarg in Miami.”

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