Story number 4 for 14 Sep 2000

By September 14, 2000

Meanwhile, Christian radio is changing the lives of people in the United Kingdom. A listener to the only radio stations that airing Insight for Living in the U-K says she had purchased a message from Chuck Swindoll and it was instrumental in leading someone to Christ. “I lent him the tape, which was the trials and crucifixion of the Lord. And, two days after I had lent him the tape he phoned me and told he had been to church that day, during his lunch hour. He had gone into a place on his own and prayed and asked God’s forgiveness.” She says the international ministry of Insight for Living is having an impact on personal evangelism. She says the ministry encouraged her to do something with her faith. “It caused me to be a witness apart from not.” Pray that many others in the U-K will be moved to share their faith.

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