Story number 4 for 15 Sep 2000

By September 15, 2000

Next, International Needs is excited about a new program in Romania that they believe with have an impact on the Great Commission and families across the region. International Needs’ David Culross says they’re starting a counseling program for abused women. He says women in that society aren’t regarded very highly. “Our leadership in Romania told us that the only real answer to this is the Biblical understanding of Jesus Christ and the family unit as a whole. And, Biblical principles will be the answer to this serious problem in their society.” Culross says as they look for Romanian counselors they’re confident this ministry will ultimately help the church. “The Lord spoke to us in His word about the church being the bride of Christ and the whole family unit as a model for how we should relate to Jesus Christ. And, as this understand of the Biblical relationship to Jesus Christ is enhanced it will certainly strengthen the home and then in turn strengthen the church as well.”

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