Story number 4 for 16 Feb 2001

By February 16, 2001

(USA)–Next, a popular Bible teaching radio program in the United States is reaching out into other areas of the world. Chuck Swindoll and Insight For Living is committing to expand it’s ministry to many more than the 16 languages already hearing the broadcasts. Vice President for International Ministries Andy Melilli explains. “We have come up with a strategic plan for the next 20 years where we would like to see those 16 languages extended into the top 100 languages spoken in the world today. We’ve actually developed a capital funds campaign that is part of that forward thinking for the next 20 years.” Melilli says expansion into these new languages can mean great things for evangelism around the world. “In cultures like India where there are many, many seekers for truth we find that we have a tremendous evangelistic impact and we’re finding people accepting Christ all the time.”

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