Story number 4 for 16 Jul 2003

By July 16, 2003

(USA)–Elsewhere, colorful illustrations and easy-to-understand passages from the Bible lead children on an adventure in discovering God’s character. International Bible Society’s Lisa Anderson describes the creativity behind their newest release, “God’s Great Love”. “What’s unique about “God’s Great Love” is that we’re using the actual Biblical text. A lot of times, with children’s books, they’re recreations of the story. But, there’s such inherent power in the word of God, that we’re committed to using the Bible text itself.” Anderson explains what IBS hopes to see from the release of this book. “It tells the meta-narrative of the entire Bible and that gives children a framework of the whole story of God and His expression of love through the Old Testament through the New Testament. We’re just hoping that it’ll give kids kind of a place to put everything else that they learn about the Bible as they grow up.”

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