Story number 4 for 16 May 2001

By May 16, 2001

(Honduras)–Elsewhere, Worldwide Christian Schools continues work in Honduras, despite the tattered infrastructure. The country is still repairing devastation left by Hurricane Mitch, and among the key needs was restoring the education structure. Worldwide’s Steve Guerink says their work enables children to get a Christ-centered education. “We are seeing children that now have an opportunity in their society, with a better education. They’re able to go on to high school and post grad work. They’re able to have a different place in society, an opportunity which would not be available to them if they had not had an education.” Guerink asks people to pray. “The Honduras field has been a strong field for us, and has been touching lives for many years. We’re very grateful for the leadership down there. People can pray for the continued safety for the teams, and good progress. There’s always the support of our organization for that field.”

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