Story number 4 for 16 Sep 2002

By September 16, 2002

(Cuba)–Meanwhile, a ministry that’s using God’s Word in a unique book is leading many people to Christ in communist Cuba. Book of Hope’s Rob Hoskins says workers in that country are reporting incredible numbers. “It seems like where the church is sometimes restricted and held back God just continues to pour out His spirit. We’ve steadily been able to send 600,000 Book of Hopes, which tells the story of Jesus in the most simple way possible for children and young people and the response has just been amazing. We got our monthly response from our coordinator there and last month they distributed 99,000 books, which resulted in 7,600 children and family members receiving Christ as Savior and 26 news churches were planted, just last month out of that distribution of 99,000 books.” Hoskins says funding for more books is needed as Cubans have a hunger to read, especially God’s word.

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