Story number 4 for 17 Jan 2002

By January 17, 2002

(USA)–Meanwhile, Niagara 2001 is history. Prayer Zone America is hoping it encourages young people to pray about their schools. Prayer Zone America’s John Hulett says more than five-thousand young people attended the event. Hulett believes this event will help many young people get involved in ministry. “I think it was used as a springboard to say, prayer is a very important, if not the essential feature in order to make campus ministry happen. That’s what this conference was all about, you go back and share Christ on the Campus.” Hulett says parents also need to get involved in Campus ministry and it’s as easy as praying. “In support of the students, develop the Prayer Zones around the schools. And, to use and to pray that God would soften and prepare that school to receive the message of Jesus Christ through these trained students.” Call our resource line or go to our web site to find out how to start a Prayer Zone. (Resource line: 800-284-9361) (Website:

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