Story number 4 for 18 Jan 2002

By January 18, 2002

(Nicaragua)–Meanwhile, a unique training program in Nicaragua is giving Christian school teachers the tools they need to be good soul winners and good educators. Worldwide Christian Schools’ Dale Dieleman just returned from that country where they’re teaching nationals to train fellow nationals on how to infuse faith into learning. “Everything from classroom discipline and the way you teach to the actual subject matter in how the Bible permeates all of life and all subjects. So, that’s one of the key elements of this training. And, then how to integrate all of these Biblical concepts into math or science or language arts or history or whatever.” Dieleman says they will have 300 trained teachers by the end of the year. He says as the training expands more and more children will come to Christ. “Creation and redemption and all those kinds of things will have been presented to the student in many different ways. Many of the teachers also really become mentors of these students and even their parents.”

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